Hiking Trails

The Western Cape offers the avid hiker and trail runner a seemingly infinite range of hiking trails and paths to explore, peaks to summit and views to relish. Hiking is the ultimate way to experience South Africa’s wild true beauty, allowing you to take in every detail of the environment around you – from the tiniest flower, to the highest mountain peak.

Many beautiful places can only be reached overland by hiking, and enthusiasts regard hiking as the best way to see nature. Hikers see it as better than a tour in a vehicle of any kind  because the hiker’s senses are not intruded upon by other distractions. Hiking over long distances or over difficult terrain requires both the physical ability to do the hike and the knowledge of the route and its pitfalls.

Hiking Trails

Hiking isn’t just incredibly good exercise for the body. It’s also an excellent stress reliever, and is easily combined with other fun hobbies, such as photography, or other sports like mountain-biking. Moreover, it’s good fun that the whole family can enjoy together.

Hiking can be done with the help of a qualified mountain guide or a good map and common sense. The best way to start is to put
your boots on and get ready to explore the world around you!

Hiking Trails Western Cape

There are various types of hikes for you to try. ‘Point to point’ hikes follow a marked or guided trail. Overnight stays are common, and this is a good choice for those adventurers who enjoy camping. Slackpacking, which is the more luxurious version of ‘roughing it’. A fully supported and guided hike, with overnight accommodation and full catering provided in camps or lodges. Backpacking, the most common type of hiking, where hikers carry their own equipment, food and clothing. A MTB/Bike trail, is usually a mountain bike trail which follows a GPS-marked route. Back-up support is supplied. Nature Trails, are shorter, day-long walks in nature reserves or wilderness. These may be guided or not.

So, get out there and enjoy the scenery whilst you exercise!

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