Cape Town Villas

A villa was originally¬† an ancient Roman upper-class country house. Villas have led an interesting life over time, and were once used as small farming compounds or monasteries. Nowadays, villas are elegant, beautiful homes or accommodation establishments. The term “villa” now refers to various sizes and types of residences, ranging from smaller, semi-detached properties to large and luxurious properties.

The Western Cape is home to a variety of seaside villas. Seaside villas in the Western Cape can be found in quaint fishing villages or along the more upmarket regions of the coastline. The seaside villas found in more urban areas pride themselves on modern, contemporary design, coupled with breathtaking ocean views and urban convenience. Urban villas let you relax in deep comfort, whilst ensuring that you’re never too far away from the buzz of the city. Cape Town villas are generally found along the beachfront or nestled in the suburbs of the Mother City.

Suburban villas in the Western Cape are stylish yet comfortable establishments, offering a little cosy, suburban getaway. Villas in the Western Cape are often found on large estates of land, sometimes forming part of wine or golf estates. Guests at these villas have the benefit of enjoying wine tastings without leaving their holiday abode, or teeing off for a day’s golf.

One thing that all villas have in common, though, is their focus on luxury.  Taking your holiday at a villa lets you relax, surrounded by architectural elegance and superior comfort. Most villas also let you choose between a fully catered holiday or self-catering options.

Booking a villa for your holiday getaway is a perfect choice for group or family holidays. Many villas are equipped to host small business groups or conferences, and this can provide a unique, relaxing way to meet and brainstorm, away from the pressures of the office.

Of course, you could utilize a villa for a group getaway. Most villas are equipped for great entertainment and would suit a twenty-first birthday party or great celebration with friends.

Villas are also a great choice for a family holiday. Relax with your loved ones in upmarket comfort, and let the little ones play upon well-kept lawns.

Owners of villa establishments pride themselves on beautiful, spacious guest rooms, all fitted with comfortable beds and luxurious linen. Many villas feature elegant extras, such as a jacuzzi or Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Whether it’s work or play, choosing a villa for your holiday is an excellent way to ensure that you relax in comfort and style.

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