Horse Riding

Horse riding is also known as Equestrianism and is a sport, hobby and can be used for practical, working purposes.

Horses are trained and ridden for practical working purposes in both urban and rural areas – either for police work, or controlling herd animals in farmlands. Horses are also training for competitive sports, including show jumping and polo. Some popular forms of competition are grouped together at horse shows, where horses perform in a wide variety of disciplines. Horse riding can also be used for therapeutic purposes, to improve human health and emotional development. Most importantly for the holiday-maker though, horses are used for non-competitive recreational riding such trail riding or a canter along through the gorgeous scenery of the Western Cape.

Horse Riding Western Cape

Horse riding is a fun hobby, suitable for the whole family. Horse riding gets you out into the fresh air, free to explore the world around you, and get a little exercise along the way. If you thought the horse is the one getting all the exercise whenever you go horse riding, you would be mistaken. Horse riding has many health benefits. Horse riding stimulates muscles in the dorsal and abdominal regions that are seldom used in everyday living. It also causes less stress to the knees than other comparable forms of exercise, like walking or swimming. Horse riding is also an excellent calorie-burning exercise and stress release mechanism.

Horse Riding Western Cape

Saddling up and setting off is easy enough to do, with a little help from guides and horse-trainers. Learning how to ride a horse takes some getting used to, and it’s essential to learn how to ride with a reputable instructor before setting off on your own.

Horse Riding Western Cape

Good exercise and an excuse to explore the world around you? There are no better reasons to indulge in this hobby!

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